Song to a Green Ally

I breathe the air, I swim the sea

I love the sky, my Father

I love the Earth, sweet Gaia

The fire within, the sun and moon.

Hello, my Dear, I am still here

I see your way as Elder

I know you now in name alone

Your true nature, you may reveal.

Oh, still and still, I calm my heart.

A loving way I cultivate

I breathe you out, I breathe you in

My breath, my song, my gift today

With gratitude, I honor you

How may I help you grow this day?

And how might you support me too?

Reweaving now the Web of Life

O waly, waly, up the bank

And waly, waly, doon the brae

And waly, waly, yon burnside

I send Earth prayers both far and wide

“Waly,” expression of grief or sorry
“doon the brae,” down the hillside
“yon burn side,” the riverside

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