Savory, also called “Bean Herb”

I love to eat plain ole’ rice and beans! I never make them the same way twice. And I used to feel a secret twinge of shame that I used canned beans(!). I’ve gotten over that now.

But I haven’t gotten over my love of winter savory!! A gentle looking herb that’s a perennial (coming back every year), savory goes with beans… Like beans go with rice!

Savory is in the family of culinary herbs like rosemary, oregano, and thyme — peppery and strong.

Today’s bean recipe includes red and yellow onions, an orange bell pepper, one jalapeƱo, 4 cloves of garlic, several sprigs of savory, sauteed in olive oil. Added some grinds of salt and dashes of Cholula hot sauce. Served over brown rice (I make a big batch of rice every week).

Homey and yummy.

By the way, savory is a digestive aid (reduces flatulence caused by beans!), and supports the respiratory system. Savory has loads of vitamins and minerals too. Savory is a bee and pollinator favorite, and fresh savory leaves can relieve the sting of a bee or wasp.

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