Rachel Heerema, sitting around in the woods.

Rachel is a development consultant for nonprofit agencies and a holistic personal,  professional, and leadership coach.

As an Herbalist, and Master Gardener, so much of what I think about is growth, the seasons of the year, and the Call of our Spirits to root into a life that is grounded in our bodies and in nature’s cycles.

My personal vision is that when everyone is making their highest contribution in alignment with their core values, they are healed and can heal their communities and the Planet. My background is in nonprofit human sector work.

I have a Master’s degree in Business Administration. I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Reiki Master.

Here, I talk about my garden, my herb friends, spiritual topics, and thoughts about Life.

What would you like to grow or prune in your life?

If you are interested in coaching or consulting, please contact Rachel here.