Honor Sacred Plants

This is a weird Reuters news story that I stumbled upon — involving ayahuasca, a sacred plant, a shamanic healer, and a Canadian “addictions counselor.”

Peruvian prosecutors say Canadian was lynched after killing shaman

Whether it’s nicotine, caffeine, frankincense, palo santo or cacao, our Western culture has lost a sense of the sacred usage of these powerful friends and allies.

It’s no wonder the power leaked out “sideways.” I understand that our culture needs major changes — greed, capitalism, unchecked egos, divorce from Nature — have all created soul sicknesses. These sacred plants CAN help, but they are powerful. And they, I think, demand being treated with honor.

A sad story all around. And the loss of the shaman is the loss of an ancient library, “books” of knowledge left unread. As is the death of every human.

We must honor our plant allies, great and small, as we honor All Life.

Sewing Seeds

It’s late winter. I’m MORE than ready for Spring. I’m launching this new Green Rachel website — and I don’t know what will come of it! It feels like opening a packet and sowing those mixed wildflowers; some will grow and some won’t. Some may be invasive even! So, we’ll see what lives and thrives and what  flowers here.

I could totally go all “Johnny Appleseed” on some over-manicured lawns with this big bag!