Song to a Green Ally

I breathe the air, I swim the sea

I love the sky, my Father

I love the Earth, sweet Gaia

The fire within, the sun and moon.

Hello, my Dear, I am still here

I see your way as Elder

I know you now in name alone

Your true nature, you may reveal.

Oh, still and still, I calm my heart.

A loving way I cultivate

I breathe you out, I breathe you in

My breath, my song, my gift today

With gratitude, I honor you

How may I help you grow this day?

And how might you support me too?

Reweaving now the Web of Life

O waly, waly, up the bank

And waly, waly, doon the brae

And waly, waly, yon burnside

I send Earth prayers both far and wide

“Waly,” expression of grief or sorry
“doon the brae,” down the hillside
“yon burn side,” the riverside

Planting and Harvesting

I planted some lettuce, radishes, and scallions and I harvested parsley and red pepper. I was going to pull up the dill which has gone to seed, but spotted some lovely little butterfly caterpillars on there. So that will wait. I chopped up the comfrey and I think next year I will have the world’s best compost! (There’s some deer scat in there, too.) Just as I was heading in, my garter snake friend slithered by. At oneness today.

Fab Smoothie mistake

I meant to make a peach basil smoothie, but I harvested too much basil. So, I made vegan pesto with nutritional yeast and sunflower seeds. I’ll use that in a pasta salad for the day. (The peaches need one more day to ripen in their brown bag.)

This smoothie is banana, blueberry, spinach, with almond butter, pomegranate juice, oat milk, and a shake of cinnamon. Oh wow!!

Gifts from the Garden

The strawberries, eaten while I greeted the day, and the sungold tomatoes are so juicy after last night’s rain.

Basil and strawberries in my smoothie. Chard for dinner — I want to try a new recipe. Tomatoes as a gift for my parents who I’ll see later today.

Actually it’s all a gift from the earth, sun, rain, and air. (Plus, microbes and fungi, but that’s a different post…) Enjoy your gifts today.

Garden play day

I had an "ah hah" moment — I need to harvest BEFORE I weed, otherwise I’ll never get to harvesting! LOL

So today, I harvested a bunch of dill and started some lacto-fermentation cucumber pickles. Also, I harvested sage, lavender, peppermint, thyme, and added dried rosemary for a batch of Four Thieves vinegar insect repellent.

This is a good day.

The Gift of Roses

I went out to sit with rose this morning. I have a (gifted to me) 17th century old Bourbon rose, with the most wonderful fragrance. I had never wanted to harvest the blooms!! And cut short the beauty. So this morning I just sat with rose. After a while, I asked about this problem. A breeze came up and all these pretty pink petals came twirling down. Ah hah! I harvested these petals and spent blooms. And my heart opened wide and I cried happy tears. Thank you, Rose!